STUDIO: 1995-2010


“Studio: 1996-2010” is an installation + performance piece which involves re-locating all the objects and artwork from my studio to the exhibition space and working there for the given period of time. The works are displayed chronologically from my very first drawing to the most recent works, and, by simply walking around the gallery space, viewers will be able to witness the transformation of processes without the help of any language.

The theme of this exhibition was conceived in 2007. To celebrate the 10000th day of my life (2007.03.24), I did several things and one of them was to look at all my previous works and put them into a book. Based on the same chronological arrangement, I decided on the style of the current exhibition with hopes to examine repeating visual/conceptual patterns and positive/negative tendencies within a bigger lens of process. At the end of the space, there was a temporary studio where I worked as usual.


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