<Subjectless> is an Art Retreat Project at the ‘temporary temple’ decorated with paintings and drawings inspired by Zen Buddhism and meditation. For two weeks, the artist will house his studio in the exhibition hall and will continuously work on site to change the installation gradually.


Works in <Subjectless> are the mixture between the various representations of symbolic seating posture, de-constructing calligraphies and the abstract works that defy any interpretation. The attempt to balance and also break boundaries between both representative and abstract forms is to show the resemblance with the Buddha’s ‘Midway’ teachings. By showing both contrasting sides and not having a fixed format, the exhibition can be vested not into one definition, but into multiple and open meanings. Yoon chose the title <Subjectless> as a metaphor of the ‘Selfless’ of Buddhism. Consequently in this ‘Selfless’ context, all the works in the exhibition are titled as <Titleless>.


For the opening night, there will be a mixed performance of sound, dance, visual art, and monks’ Dharma drum playing. As a part-time DJ, Artist premixes a mixset using various sources of natural, urban, eastern and western sounds for the background music for the performance. By slowly moving to get dressed and undressed in a circular motion, artist shares the process of adding and removing clothes that represent karma. After the undressing, artist cuts his hair and uses them with paint pigment to make a hair painting, and the finale will be a collaboration of Artist and a monk playing Dharma drum along with a techno song. Especially for the opening, Dharma drum specialists Goguem and Domyung sunims will kindly join to awaken our ears and mind. Also, on the ground floor, there will be a small room where audiences can leave writings and drawing on canvas. These notes and sketches will be donated to the artist for future project materials.


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